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"Great place to take a toddler on a beautiful day that adults will enjoy, too! The park is large, lots of space to run around and see all of the animals - reindeer, alpacas, llamas, goats, pigs, donkeys, horses, turkeys, geese, chicken. There is good signage with interesting facts about the animals and it's fun to feed them (food bags are 1GBP each). Nice that they have several hand washing stations. The area is beautiful. There's a cafe and a little shop as well."

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Adopt an animal – Alpacas


Birthday 23th April 2017.

Georgia was named after the day she was born on (St. George’s Day). She is currently in training to be a part of the walking group and is doing very well. She loves nothing more than spending time with her alpaca boyfriend Pedro.


AL - Alma


Birthday: 1st June, 2009

Alma is a sweet little alpaca female who likes to sunbathe in the summers and have a roll in the dirt. She has a great big mop of hair on her head which gives her a remarkable resemblance to Tina Turner.


AL - Che-001


Birthday: 4th July, 2009

Che was actually adopted by llamas when he was a baby so he does sometimes think he’s a llama. He’s a lovely little guy who is halter trained and gets on with everyone.



Birthday 1st June 2017.

Evita is one of the three newest members of the walking team. She was born alongside Rain, Georgia and Santiago who she adores most in the world. She is a very confident alpaca for such a small size but loves a lot of attention from the children.

 AL - Mario-001


Birthday: 6th September, 2002

Mario loves sunbathe in summer, followed by a nice cool shower with a hosepipe. He isn’t halter trained but is always very inquisitive and interested in new things and people.

 AL - Snowdrop-001


Birthday: 1st January, 2001

Snowdrop was actually imported straight from Chile and has since been a mother to several offspring. She isn’t the easiest of alpacas to get on with and it takes a lot of time to earn her trust and friendship.

 AL - Sydney-001


Birthday: 15th April, 2004

Sydney is all black, very friendly and really handsome. He is halter trained but has knees that sometimes pop out of place. This doesn’t stop him, however, and he is a very determined little guy, fixing the problem himself.

 AL - Timmy-001


Birthday: 17th August, 2007

Timmy was hand-reared from a month old so he actually prefers the company of llamas and humans to the company of alpacas. He’s a greedy little fella with a very human personality and sweet character.

 AL - Veronica-001


Birthday: 11th June, 2009

Veronica is a very kind soul who is a great mother. She has a daughter called Lily who also lives up at the park. She is always keen to come over and say help and will often be seen relaxing in the fields with her best mate, Alma.



Birthday: 14th June 2017.

Santiago is one of the three newest members of the walking team. He loves nothing more than spending time with members of the public, especially children as he is only a small alpaca. He gets given many nicknames ‘Teddy, Koala, Fluffy, Santa’.



Birthday: 22nd April 2016.

Grace is a nervous alpaca at first until you have a handful of feed. She is very attached to Lily, her older half sister and hates being apart from her. She is in training to become one of the walking team and is learning to be a more confident alpaca.



Birthday: 14th April 2014.

Lily the alpaca is known for her little brown dot on her bottom. It’s almost like an on/off switch! She is a valued member of the walking team and is very popular with the children as she is all white in colour and LOVES cuddles. Named after ‘Lily’ daughter of Bobby and Susan, the owner.


Birthday: 18th August 2015.

Pachu is one half of the Brown Brothers. He is known by the livestock staff as ‘Dusty’ because he is always rolling around in the dust at any chance he can get. Whether it be on a walk or even on the paths coming up from the fields. He is very popular with the children because he is a very handsome and friendly alpaca.



Birthday: 17th August 2015.

Pedro is the second half of the Brown Brothers. He is known to the livestock staff as the most handsome alpaca. He is very close to Pachu, his half-brother,  and they are often found play fighting in the field. Pedro is a big ladies man and has female alpacas and even members of the public falling at his feet!



Birthday: 23rd October 2002.

Sooty is a very special alpaca. He is known for his kisses and sometimes hair pulling! A very big personality for a small animal. You never know which side of Sooty you are going to get! He is a retired, castrated alpaca who spends most of his days munching down on fresh grass in the fields with his best friend Mario.