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"Great place to take a toddler on a beautiful day that adults will enjoy, too! The park is large, lots of space to run around and see all of the animals - reindeer, alpacas, llamas, goats, pigs, donkeys, horses, turkeys, geese, chicken. There is good signage with interesting facts about the animals and it's fun to feed them (food bags are 1GBP each). Nice that they have several hand washing stations. The area is beautiful. There's a cafe and a little shop as well."

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Adopt an animal – Sheep

 SH - Amelia-001


Birthday: Spring, 2009

Amelia is the most friendly of our sheep. She gets very excited at the sight of a feed bucket and can be seen sprinting across the fields at breakfast time.

 SH - Roxanne-001


Birthday: Spring, 2009

Roxanne wears a red collar rather than a red dress like the song suggests. She gets very nervous very easily but can definitely fend for herself. When the farm dog tries to play with her, she will have none of it and puts our puppy back in her place.