Our Horses

 HO - Dani-001


Birthday: April, 2004

This beautiful specimen of a horse belongs to Susan, one of the park’s owners; and it’s safe to say there’s nothing he won’t do for her. He is a real mother’s boy and a big gentle giant, which is very rare for a stallion. He is also a very good father to his lovely son Primero and the two have become inseparable. He is a pure bred Andalusian and his real name is Vanidoso, which means Vanity in Spanish. He can often be seen prancing around in the fields showing off to all our customers.

 HO - Primero-001


Birthday: 19th May, 2014

Primero also belongs to co-owner Susan and is our resident little mischief-maker. He is incredibly friendly and loves invading your personal space for a bit of a cuddle. He is still only a yearling but we can already see that he is going to grow up into a big, beautiful horse. He absolutely adores his dad Dani and the two are best of friends.