One of the greatest joys of being on a farm at Spring-time is the joy of birthing and all those little animals that come with it. Of course the other great joy is the sunshine and the fact that people actually start to come back and visit The Park all over again. ‘Orrible winter.

I often think of us as midwives when we get baby animals and realise the joy that it must be for midwives being there every day for all those hundreds of babies. I was there for the birth of both my children and I thought it was the best thing I had ever experienced in my life.

My son was first and after his birth I went knocking on ward doors to see if I could watch other babies being born and I was thrown out of that wonderful hospital in Hammersmith in London, Queen Charlottes, one of the oldest maternity hospitals in the country. Both my children were born there. My daughter by Caesarean which was very interesting at 730 in the morning.

But back to the Park and the recent birth of 9 lovely little piglets. Piglets are – for me – the best babies you get at The Park. They are so small, no more than a handful and seem to be just like little human babies, pink skin and tiny.

The father was Bugsy (named after my best friend at school and of course Bugsy Moran, Mafia gangster and our hero in those days) who is a ginormous 300 kilo Welsh pig with a very sweet nature. But I would not want him jumping on me, that is for sure!!

The Mum is Talulah, a Saddle Back, and she is being a wonderful Mum but she has a very nasty skin-breaking nip. This is her first litter for us and we got her from a nice lady called Jane over in Stonegate. And we hope we get a lot more litters too…