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Pima cotton back in Stock

Spirit of the Andes pima cotton tops return to The Llama Park

The Llama Park is delighted to announce the return of the fabulous Spirit of the Andes pure pima cotton t-shirts to The Shop at The Llama Park, in our loyal customers’ favourite styles, namely the roll-necks and the Vanessa v-neck double layered pima cotton tops.

Stock will be limited to the run-up to Christmas now that Spirit’s T-shirts are back in business, so for those customers who love these pima cotton tops we recommend they grab their favourite styles and collars whilst they are still available.

They are almost as rare as gold dust!

Father Christmas in his Grotto, prices and dates.

Hi there guys, I know it is early but Christmas is fast coming and those bookings are flying in just like Santa will be doing on the following dates…

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of November
Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of December
Saturday 9th through to Sunday 24th – Christmas Eve – inclusive..

Please call 01825 712 040 for further information.


Christmas Menu and Bookings at The Llama Park

Hi there guys, I know it is early but Christmas is fast coming and those Group Lunch Bookings and Family Lunches are coming in fast and furious. See this year’s menu below.

Catering to large numbers of lunch time guests without compromising service to regular customers and diners means that we will be restricting, as we do every year, Large Group Lunch Bookings as detailed below. A large Group is one of 13 people or more.

Large Group Christmas Lunch Bookings are available as of:-
Monday 27th of November through to Friday 1st December
Monday 4th December through to Friday 8th December
Monday 11th through to Friday 15th.
Large Group Christmas Lunch Bookings will not be accepted from 16th December to 24th December
Group bookings of over 12 people for the Christmas Menu will not be available on weekends.

Please call 01825 712 040 for further information.

High chairs are available.
Gluten Free Christmas lunches are available.

Trippy Advisor

The internet is a wonderful thing. It has completely changed the way we live and work and many would admit that they cannot live without it. However, as we all know, the Internet is also a force to be reckoned with – a pool of information from which you cannot retract information – once it’s out there, it belongs to the public.

Today, I would like to talk to you about Trip Advisor. Continue reading “Trippy Advisor” »

The joys of the great British summer (all two weeks of it)

As the summer holidays draw to a close and the August bank holiday draws ever closer, I have found myself thinking increasingly about what it is that makes a child’s summer special. What small gestures and moments fit together to form a summer jigsaw in a child’s mind. There are those wonderful images like riding a donkey for the first time, making yourself sick on a ride at a funfair or being brave and running into the sea with your trousers rolled up.

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How to Become a Llama Farmer at 60

As I sit here and think about what to write for The Llama Park’s first blog post, it occurs to me that perhaps the best place to start is at the beginning. To truly understand The Llama Park, maybe it is best to understand me and my family. My name is Lily Schuck and I am 23 years old, the daughter of two of the most incredible people in the world. Our journey in becoming owners of The Llama Park has been consistently told from the perspective of those two wonderful people and so, I felt it was time for a different angle. Continue reading “How to Become a Llama Farmer at 60” »