Reviews made by people on the internet are public and open for response by the people about whom the comments have been made. Google and Trip Advisor provide this facility. Quite often people make wrong statements on line, sometimes they tell out and out lies, as they do not have to face the people about whom they are wrongly complaining and can comment anonymously so they cannot be identified unlike me who can be identified.

So one example.

A few days ago some one – an anonymous Finnish reviewer using the name “Urmasdejormas” who claimed to be autistic – wrote that “The Llama Park was not suitable for the disabled.” My concern for such a wide-ranging and un-evidenced statement comes from the wide-ranging mental and physical disorders covered by that word ‘disabled’.

In 1984 I was fortunate to have been present at the arrival into this world of my son whose birth was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Unfortunately, due to an inherited chromosome abnormality, his development, both mental and physical, was severely diminished earning him the label of ‘disabled’. Sadly Max died several years years ago at the age of 30.

Max with Bessie our dog

Max in a mischievous mood…

Because I have experienced the difficulties from which disabled people, whatever the disability, suffer I have made it my responsibility to ensure that disabled visitors coming to the Llama Park are warmly welcomed, have several reserved parking places, that disabled visitors get discounted rates, carers do not pay entry and where we can we have flat hard-faced surfaces, toilet facilities and so on.

As a result we regularly receive visits from disabled individuals and organisations representing disabled people from a very wide spectrum of society as they know we will do our very best to meet their needs, welcome them warmly and treat them kindly.

The disabilities with which our ‘disabled’ customers suffer are wide-ranging and include the Blind and Partially Sighted, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons, Mentally and Physically Disabled, Limbless, wheelchair, walker and crutch users, the Autistic, Epileptics, and many more.

So how when we try so hard to welcome people who are “disabled” do you think I feel when someone criticises us and says the The Llama Park is not suitable for “The Disabled”?

How would you like it if someone was rude or made comments about you and you could not answer back?

If someone is rude or tells lies about the Llama Park I want to be able to respond.

As I do not know to what the autistic reviewer was referring I cannot comment more than I have above. We welcome people suffering from Autism here all the time and indeed there is a local autism school close by which brings students here regularly and they have a great time.

So when, and if, you (the reviewer) come to England come here and see us. We are not scary. You will be welcomed and your spelling – for a Finn – is not bad at all.