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"Great place to take a toddler on a beautiful day that adults will enjoy, too! The park is large, lots of space to run around and see all of the animals - reindeer, alpacas, llamas, goats, pigs, donkeys, horses, turkeys, geese, chicken. There is good signage with interesting facts about the animals and it's fun to feed them (food bags are 1GBP each). Nice that they have several hand washing stations. The area is beautiful. There's a cafe and a little shop as well."

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Walk a Llama bookings…

Llama Walk Gift Vouchers.
The Llama Park sells gift vouchers for both Family and Full Llama Walks. Vouchers cannot be bought online but have to be ordered and paid for by phone.
Call 01825 712 040.

The Llama Park has two types of Llama Walks.

The first Walk is the ‘Full’ Llama Walk for adults – with no health or physical issues – and children over 14 years of age which lasts for one and a half hours and leaves The Park to go out into the Forest. The cost is £35.00 per head where each ‘Walker’ has their own Llama, or £30.00 per head where two ‘Walkers’ share one llama. The Full Llama Walk goes out every day at 11:00 and should preferably be booked and paid for in advance but can go out at any time if required and if it can be fitted into The Park’s routine. Tailored Llama Walks can be arranged for groups, weddings, hen parties, team-building exercises and educational activities.

The second Walk is the ‘Family’ Walk which is designed for a Family of two adults and two children over 8 years of age but can be adapted on request. This Walk lasts about 30 to 40 minutes, it does not leave the grounds of The Llama Park, costs £50.00 in total and two llamas accompany the Walk. Extra ‘Walkers’ pay additional costs at £15.00 per adult and £10.00 per child. The Family Walks go out at 14:00 and all afternoon if staff are available. Pre-booking is a good idea as these Walks are in big demand.

The ‘Full’ Llama Walk

llama_walkTake a llama for a walk through the stunning scenery of Ashdown Forest. Lead your own personal llama and have fun as he, or she, enjoys the trek with you, stopping to nibble on favourite leaves and perusing the view as you go along companionably.

Llamas are bred for trekking and will happily walk beside you, peacefully accepting your commands without too much fuss.

Our walks are relaxed and most enjoyable experiences and are suitable for anyone over the age of 14 years and physically fit as you should be capable of walking for an hour at a steady pace on undulating and sometimes uneven ground. Walking shoes or wellies are sensible.

What exactly does it involve?

We open at 10.00 am and suggest you arrive soon after to allow yourself time to look around the Park and maybe enjoy a cup of coffee or a snack before we set off at 11.00 am.

LLAMA WALK THE HINDLEYSYou will join the rest of the walking group, meet your guide and have a brief talk about these interesting animals. You will then be introduced to ‘your very own’ llama.

You will lead your llama on a leisurely stroll, lasting an hour or so, taking in the splendid views, learning a little about the area and wildlife and stopping for the occasional carrot feed and photo opportunities.

After your walk you can enjoy a light lunch – or a more substantial meal if you have worked up an appetite – in our coffee shop or fully licensed restaurant. You may then also care to look around our alpaca knitwear and gift shop to take home a fashionably stylish alpaca garment or memento or two.

The ‘Family’ Llama Walk

The Llama Park is a ‘family’ experience and so we wanted to enable families with young children to be able to enjoy the pleasures and fun of Walking a Llama safely and so we introduced the ‘Family Walk’.

The ‘Family Walk’ does not leave the grounds of The Park and is designed for a family of two adults and two children. The Walk lasts just 30 minutes but can be shortened or lengthened to cater to each family’s specific needs.

Staying inside The Park keeps the Walk safe, ensures that the Walk is not too strenuous and the 30 minute time limit keeps the children focused on the Walk and hopefully does not tire them out tooo much!

In addition bigger families can bring along friends and other young family members as well as Grandma and Grandpa who might also benefit from the shorter and less strenuous Walk. Indeed two families can even combine together to go out in one Group if desired.

The Family walk is a fun way to spend the day at The Llama Park.